July 21-22 2013 Supermoon

At the writing of this post the moon is 98% full.  Of course, it’s daylight now and we won’t see it until moonrise tonight, just at dusk. After midnight, on the 22nd, it will be a Full Supermoon.  Although there’s been confused argument as to whether it is in fact a Supermoon, it will be within 90% of perigee, and therefore still meets the requirement of a Supermoon.  Last month the June Full Moon was at perigee, or at it’s closest distance to Earth.  That would be called a Super Supermoon.  These terminologies have only recently been indoctrinated  into the astronomical community, within the past decade. They have been used by astrologers for quite some time.


(2013 June Super Supermoon from Mint Hill, NC)


(2013 June Super Supermoon from Hickory Grove, NC)

Tonight, Monday and Tuesday should be great for viewing the July 2013 Full Moon, regardless of the terminology. The naked eye, camera or binoculars work best. Telescope images tend to be very, very bright and much detail is washed out.




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